Brenna Clarke Gray, TRU Digital Detox.

Middlebury College, Digital Learning & Inquiry, “Digital Detox” – three years of excellent posts.

Brian Lamb, Information Pollution.

Audrey Watters, The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade.

Audrey Watters, Student Data is the New Oil: MOOCs, Metaphor, and Money.

Screening Surveillance is a short film series that uses near future fiction storytelling based on research to highlight potential social and privacy issues that arise as a result of big data surveillance. Project conceptualized and produced by sava saheli singh.

Ben Williamson, Code Acts in Education.

David Kernohan, The Avalanche That Hasn’t Happened, a film and corresponding links, partially in response to the Pearson white paper, “An Avalanche is Coming”.

Tannis Morgan, Open pedagogy and a very brief history of the concept.

Anne-Marie Scott, Some thoughts on doing data right.

Activities & Networks

TRU LT&I Team Workshops -let’s keep this going!

#femedtech “are a reflexive, emergent network of people learning, practising and researching in educational technology.”

Higher Education After Surveillance is a network of people whose work involves imagining and developing alternatives to problematic visibility & surveillance in higher education.

Ethical EdTech seeks “to point out tools that value user freedom, privacy, and control, so that these norms might become more easily within reach.”

Mural UDG – Innovation and Open Education – resources and activities initially developed in partnership with the University of Guadalajara.

Check, Please! Starter Course – a three hour mini-course on fact-checking and identifying online misinformation.

Website photos taken by Brian Lamb, and are of frescos by José Clemente Orozco at the Hospicio Cabañas in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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